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About Omnibus Groß


Learn more about our company history and our philosophy. Check out our asphalt pilots and the people behind the scenes.

Company history

Company history

Mission statement

Traffic flow can be seen as a lifeline of our social fabric. This fact was responsible for people's passion to develop sustainable mobility solutions using buses as early as in the postwar years.

In 1950 tourist traffic – at first across Germany, then throughout Europe - was implemented and supplemented with regional and local bus services. Our modern bus fleet meets the highest quality and environment standards. Consequently we guarantee our customers a transport standard tailored to their needs and handicapped accessible in order to reach everybody's destination.

As a medium-sized company we are well aware of our social responsibility. In our corporate philosophy we meet and support appropriate ethical principles.

In mobility issues we will follow our established tradition by acting progressively and ethically oriented when aiming at customer- oriented solutions. We love and live mobility- again and again, each and every day.

Our asphalt pilots

Asphalt pilots

Besides our buses and our philosophy the core element of our company are those who are on the road every day and transport people safely and comfortably. Our bus drivers- the asphalt pilots of Rottenburg. They are always there for you. Whether in wind or rain or merciless heat our asphalt pilots get you to your destination.

That's why grant our bus drivers the best possible training and free admission to a fitness studio. We want our asphalt pilots to be physically and mentally fit to perform at their very best. Would you like to become an asphalt pilot? If so, contact us.

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Our team

Behind the scenes

A passenger only sees the bus driver. But behind the scenes everybody works diligently. In our Groß- bus - headquarters we coordinate and organize to guarantee smooth operation so that our passengers will reach their destinations fast and safely.

Wolfgang Groß
Wolfgang Groß Management
Claudia Groß
Claudia Groß Management
Johannes Groß
Johannes Groß Management Assistant
Claudia Gregorius
Claudia Gregorius Accounting and Bus Rental
Carmen Jauch
Carmen Jauch Payroll Accounting
Irena Kafu
Irena Kafu Disposition and Customer Care
Ingrid Endress
Ingrid Endress Car Fleet Management
Damian Bigos
Damian Bigos Shift Planner
Andrej Smolin
Andrej Smolin Car Pool and Garage Management

Become part of the team

You love innovation, creativity and team spirit? Then become a member of the Groß-family. As a medium-sized, family-run company we appreciate your work.